Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about The Potterings.

How do I get to The Potterings location?

North Lee Lane, Stoke Mandeville, HP22 5XL.

You can find out the exact driveway entrance using ‘what three words‘ which is an easy tool to find and share locations. Click this link to find us: https://w3w.co/credited.advancing.student.

How long is each session?

Our booking is for a 50minute session. These begin on the hour, every hour within opening times.

There is a 10minute allowance at the end of your session to give you time to vacate the field and close the gate behind you and leave before the next person arrives.

How many dogs can I bring?

We welcome a maximum of 4 dogs per booking. By prior approval, we may allow more than 4 dogs per booking however this will be at our discretion. Please get in touch to discuss if you wish to bring more than 4 dogs.

Can I share a session at The Potterings?

You can meet a friend at the field, as long as you have no more than 2 households and 4 dogs between both households.

ALL users (i.e both you and your friend) MUST register with us first and provide their own dog’s vaccination details before attending.

We do not allow you to use your session to meet a Trainer, Behaviourist or other Canine Professional at The Potterings. We require any Professional wishing to use the field to register with us and complete an application form prior to booking.

Can I bring children?

Yes, children are welcome to accompany you. The registered user (over 18) MUST be present with children supervised at all times. Please remember that ALL equipment is designed for canine use NOT children!

Where can I park?

It is important to make sure that you park in the designated parking area INSIDE the field – no cars should be parked on the drive. DO NOT arrive on site/in the waiting area more than 2-3minutes before your session start time.

There is parking for two cars within the field. Simply open the gate and drive in. Once you’ve closed the gate – release the hounds!!! We have a maximum of 2 cars on site per booking

How can I reschedule a session?

You will find a link in your confirmation email that will allow you to ‘reschedule’ your session. Please note: Rescheduling is only available up to 24hours in advance of your booking (12hrs for members).

Do you have a poo bin?

We have two bins, one at each end of the field. We also have a number of poo bag stations located at regular intervals around the fence line. There really is no excuse not to clear up after your dog!

Where do I find out more about the rules and field etiquette?

Click below to learn more about field etiquette at The Potterings Secure Dog Field for Hire.


What happens once I sign up for membership?

You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your membership. Within the email the word ‘Schedule‘ is a clickable link. All you need to do is click this link and it will take you to our member’s calendar where you’ll be able to choose your preferred sessions. The link takes you directly to the calendar and you are not required to log in.

As a member, why have I paid for two months on my first monthly subscription payment?

Your first monthly subscription payment will be for two months in advance, and single monthly payments thereafter. This allows you to book two months upfront and take full advantage of being able to view 60 days availability.

How do I book member sessions at The Potterings?

Once you become a member, you will be able to view 60 days of availability and book your first month’s sessions via the online calendar BUT the second months’ sessions (days 31-60) must be booked manually with us, so please email us your date/s and we will respond to confirm your booking.

PLEASE NOTE: The above is relevant to the first 60 days only and once your membership renews again you will be able to book for the next month via the calendar.

As a member, how far in advance can I book sessions?

As a member, each month when your subscription payment is processed, your next monthly session allowance will become available to book.

Do you have more questions about The Potterings? Email us and we’ll get back to you.

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