Canine Professional Membership

Are you a dog walker, boarder/sitter, groomer, or breeder?

Do you have dogs that have to stay on-lead?
Do you fancy a change of scenery?
Crave a relaxing walk without facing the public eye?
Want more than ‘just a walk’?

Have you considered using a secure field to exercise either your own dogs or the dogs in your daily care? Maybe as a weekly treat or for a special occasion?

The Potterings is a 2.2acre field in Stoke Mandeville. Available to private hire for 50minute sessions. Canine Professionals can bring 6 dogs per session.

Facilities include:

  • 2metre high fencing
  • Drive-in field parking
  • Poo Bins
  • Poo Bag stations

There is a variety of obstacles and activities including:

Sensory GardenJumps and weaves
Dog WalkClimbing Frame
Digging PitWillow Den
Tyre JungleTunnel
Cable CrossingLog Walk

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a registered Canine Professional user?
All you need to do is complete and return our Professionals registration form along with a copy of your insurance.

Do I receive a special hire rate?
Yes! Our standard session rate is £15. Registered Canine Professionals receive a unique code to book sessions at the discounted rate of just £10 per session. This rate is available for bookings Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

How many dogs can I bring?
Our standard users can only bring 4 dogs (max 2 families) per session. However our Canine Professionals are welcome to bring 6 dogs per session.

Can I share a session?
You can share a session with another registered Canine Professional user, however this must be advised at the time of booking and the maximum number of dogs should not exceed 6

Benefit from our Referral Scheme

  1. All registered Canine Professionals will receive a unique referral code to share with clients.
  2. The code will allow your clients to receive a 50% discount on their first private booking.
  3. Every time your code is used you will receive a ‘paw’. Once you’ve earnt 5 ‘paws’ these can be exchanged for a free session to enjoy with your walking gang.
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